Being Creative

Hello there beautiful people! For the past couple months, my brain has been restless because of school works. Yet beneath all of that, I have found a way to unwind myself from everything, not just from school works. And I can that it helped me a lot. 

Ever since I was a child, drawing has captured me. Whether I am drawing something horrific or beautiful for the eyes to see, I wouldn't mind as long as my hand is holding a pencil. It became my hobby whenever I have nothing to do as I grew up. Through that, drawing helped me to unwind myself from all of the things around me. I see it curative for me simply because it feeds my eyes to see something great that I have made. Nevertheless, I like seeing great visual things, whether it may be a sketch or drawing, photo, painting, video, graphic designs and the likes. Yet those doesn't just feed my eyes to create or see but also feed my internal self to explore or "reflect" whilst being creative. It simply stimulates my state of mind to become calm and just be creative for a time. And I find it so enjoyable to be in it, that somehow tends me to be more attached to doing it. Hence, it also helps my social state to become more engaged on drawing whenever someone speaks to me about it. I observe that I become more uplifting to how I interact to the person that I am talking to. And in a nutshell, whenever I am being creative, I find myself more engaging internally and externally with myself and to others. 


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