November Reads

Hello there beautiful people! November is already here and I am so ready to read books because I haven't read that many books this year. (And I haven't posted here for a very very long time so pardon me for that, let's skip my excuses or else this blog post will be full of ranting and complaining.) I am actually planning to read four books (If you consider Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as a book with a plot to keep up with.), and I am literally impatient to read all of them. First, because I haven't read any books since June, I think? Second, is the four books are actually quite out of my comfort zone, yet those books are the books that I have been wanting to read ever since. They are on my list for a very very long time and thanks to my frequent visits to bookstores and book fairs, I have finally accumulated those. And they were actually just sitting on my bookshelves for a long time and I think it is the perfect time to read them. 

When I went to a bookstore last month and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, that was the first thing that I grabbed. And when I got home, removed the plastic that is covering it and scanned the book, I was slightly disappointed. I thought the book is going to be like the movie, but boy I was wrong. The book is like a reference book about the beasts within the wizarding world. And as an oblivious Potterhead, that is what I got. But nevertheless, I still feel happy that I got a copy because I can know more about the creatures around the wizarding world. Plus, the movie is very very very soon to be out in the theaters, and I am very excited for that. I can't wait to watch it! 

Graphic novels are really my cup of tea and I have never really read any graphic novels yet. Last August, I went to a huge book fair and saw many books and bought some. One of them is, Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler (who is Lemony Snicket, what!) and illustrated by Maira Kalman. I have seen and heard so many good compliments on Handler's writing and on the book of course. You see, I am not really fond of teen fictions, especially in the romance department. But the thing that got me is the book being like this memory box of their relationship. Every item has this certain memory within their relationship and through that item, it holds a certain reason of why they broke up. It is quite rare to find a book that travels through break up stories ( I think) because most books tell stories before the break-ups. And this book is quite interesting to read because I want to know why they broke up. 

I am a sole believer that nobody is too old for children's book. I have never read any children's book for a very very long time. And three weeks ago, I saw this book, more likely that title of it. A Wrinkle in Time, just by the title of it seems to be interesting. Especially right now that I am very much interested in anything that is related to the concept of time or time itself. The book is about a young girl named, Meg, and her brother and friend. They set off on an adventure to find Meg's father, who just vanished one day when he was experimenting on the fifth dimension of time traveling. Although the course of the story seems to be simple, yet it is the fact that children are the main characters of the story that makes me want to read it. I love books that are revolved around a curious child's life, there is this certain feeling that you are like a child from reading it. 

I have something to tell and that is, I am already reading All the Light We Cannot See since the end of October. I just can't resist reading it, I am a goner for anything that is World War II (or I) related. I find those things interesting and fascinating, to know how a war can change one's life and how he or she can live with it. The book is just fantastic, I am already halfway through it and the story is really (x10) good. It is about a blind girl who lives in France and about a boy who is very keen on radios, who lives in Germany. And soon their paths will cross, and I don't know what will happen but I effing want to know. But the thing that I can assure you is the writing of Doerr, I just love it. It is full of metaphors, it is so poetic and magnificent, and that made this book so entertaining to read even though it is a historical fiction. 

Love lots!