Jars, Jars & Jars

Hello there beautiful people! Have you ever collected something foolish? Like mugs, beautiful notebooks, or glitter pens? I myself is very proud collector of something foolish. I simply just can't help it to be honest simply because it is completely satisfying, okay?, please don't judge me. 

My favorite jar. 

Jars, bottles, containers, you name it as long as it is made out of glass and I can put something in it and that will already make me happy. Yes that's true, I do have a severe (not that severe) case of collecting used or recycled glass containers, which is pretty much a weird thing for a sixteen year old to do. I don't know if it just me or are there other people as well who is collecting this sort of things. I somehow remember the times when I only bought things just because of their containers. But if I am the only one who is doing this collecting, although my grandma collects jars; well apart from my grandma, I will be very happy to learn that I am not weird enough to hoarder this things. Speaking of hoarder, I myself isn't because as much as possible I restrain myself from junking jars without any purpose although most of my jars are just mainly for display purposes. So, I think it is somehow reasonable for me to collect this things if I have a purposes but if I don't have any purpose, I am still going to collect. Because I want to and it makes me happy. And that is a very important mean for a person to experience, to have this sense of satisfaction on the things that he/she does. Therefore, if you are collecting some weird and senseless things, just continue it as long as it makes you happy and simply be proud of it. So, what is your weird collection?

P.S I know this is a very odd blog post nevertheless it's just like my blog, odd.

Love Lots!


  1. OMG! We are so alike when it comes to this jar business lol! I'm obsessed with them too, it's such a great storage and it looks so pretty. I really enjoyed this post and your jars are cuteeeee! I even collect the candle glasses you know when the candle burns out and you're meant to chuck the glass away.. I'll keep them loooooooooooool! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Kisses from London! Dominica.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comforting comment :) So glad to hear that I am not the only one who is greatly obsessed with jars!


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