July Inspiration Board

Hello there beautiful people! School has just started two weeks ago yet some of you maybe in a beach right now enjoying the heat of the sun. And what better way to give myself a heads up for this school year is to make an inspiration board. I know it is not the newest idea on the block but I might as well try it because it might work. But I gave it a little twist, as you may notice it, so instead of me printing or cutting out pictures, I drew them. Because I have this passion for art since I was a kid and now, I frequently got a chance to heighten my drawing skills. And I think that is why I'm starting this because I want to keep myself motivated and practice my drawing skills.

First things first, a doughnut, as you may not know, I am not a big fan of sweets, yes that is true and I don't like ice creams as well. But the thing is, I want to increase my intake of sweets because when it comes to eating sweets I'm somehow quite picky so it just leads me to not eating any sweets at all. Mainly because I could not find some sweets that it isn't too sweet at all, which is quite a funny thing to say. I like sweets that have a balance on it, with the right amount of sugar and a little bit of saltiness in it and I do hope that I can find something like that. Second is, to do more exciting things in my life because I somehow find my life has this certain routine and it is tiring me out. Yet I don't want to change my whole life hence I want to do something spontaneous and get out of my comfort zone. Specially right now that school has just started and I want to draw myself out from things that I haven't had the chance to do because I am too busy from being scared. Basically because I am just like listening to this tape recorder that has been looping for three hours straight and I don't want to be like that, I want to be spontaneous. And if I cannot be spontaneous or adventurous enough, I can somehow outdo it by wearing vivid clothes but not that over the top. Because whenever I go outside I am just like watching television in the 60's, where everything in the screen is black and white and no colors on it. This world of ours needs a little bit splash of color. And another way of adding color to my life is by being with my friends because as you may know schools have just started and me and my friends are keeping our friendship steadfast even though we aren't classmates anymore. So this year is really gonna be challenging to all of us because we are not gonna be in the same room together just like last year. Though I do hope that we can still do fun things even though we aren't classmates anymore. Anyways I will not go any further to that because this is going to be super long. Lastly, The Happiness Project, I just love reading it to be honest, I love learning Gretchen Rubin's journey through her happiness project. Because for me, it's just like having a glimpse in a year on her life and just by reading it, it already makes me happy. Hence, she wouldn't just teach you on how you could be happy but she would take you to her journey through happiness. And I can't wait to finish it!

Love Lots!


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