New Delights

Hello there beautiful people! Last week I was quite down and anxious and it's not good. And because of that I couldn't do anything except watching Doctor Who. Yet I still managed to cheer myself up beneath all of those anxiety and it actually helped me to bring myself to do things again, which was good. But the main reason why, is because I am reading this book called The Happiness Project, that somehow helped me to be conscious about not being productive and bringing myself down. And by reading that book I have actually tried new things.

Indie Music
I thought Indie music wouldn't be my cup of tea maybe because I find those things to have an unearthly sound. Yet while I was looking through Spotify for some new music, I somehow heard this song from an indie band and instantly fell in love with it. And that actually led me to listen to their whole album and look for more indie artists. Right now, I do love listening to non mainstream music mainly because it's far away from what I usually hear from the radio and it is somehow a breath of fresh air. And I want to listen to more to this kind of music and discover more because they're underestimated yet they're so creative and good. We should support this kind of music.

Anna and the French Kiss Series

As you may not know, I don't appreciate love stories that much and a confirmation for that is, it took me five months to read Anna and the French Kiss (the first book in the series). I just couldn't find the ability to read a love story because I find those things cliche. But long story short, I finally found the urge to read it and I somehow bought and read the whole series. And it was somehow an easy read for me because the stories were so light and quirky that you would be charged to finish it. The other thing that engaged me on continuing it because it involved going to different places around Paris, New York, and San Francisco and those are some of my favorite cities. But Stephanie Perkins wouldn't just let you see the cities but rather than see a glimpse on how people live and for me that was entertaining. Imagine yourself living in one of the most romantic places in the world.

Watercolor Painting

So I've tried watercolor and it was fantastic. I have been actually seeing a lot of watercolor art everywhere and they're pretty good. So that made me want to try it because it looks easy but it was not. Specially if you bought the wrong materials, which I did, but luckily I've made a research(?) on what kind of brushes, watercolor and paper to use. Although I somehow overspent, mainly on the brushes because I bought three thick brushes, which weren't good, so that actually led me to buy another one that was less thick and has the right size. Then everything went fine, I bought a sketch pad that can absorb water perfectly and a pretty good watercolor at the local art shop. And watercolor painting is just somehow a trial and error on getting the right combination of water and paint. But it will all be good once you get the hang of it and you will get to enjoy it.