A Universal Experience

My personal favorite in the whole theme park :)

The roller coaster that we're supposed to ride but fortunately it rained.

Universal Studio was just fantastic, I love it, I didn't really expect that I would enjoy it because I am more of a Disney girl, if I may say. You're like in the set of the films, which is quite funny for me to say because that's the theme park's aim. I do love the New York bit in the theme park because I was just like walking in an actual New York City neighborhood, except with more people walking around. I do also love the Far Far Away Castle which was so beautiful and inside the castle there's a 4d ride. Yet I somehow wish it to be a tour around Fiona's castle instead because that will be more interesting for me, in my opinion. But apart from all of the rides and attraction, the thing that I also love was the souvenir shops. I just love them, it's actually paradise and there was actually thirteen souvenir shops, which was crazy. But in the end we went to the biggest one and I bought a snow globe ( a new collection  of mine) and a picture frame. And that was the end, I think, I'm not quite contented because there was just a few characters walking around on the theme park but anyways Universal Studios was fantastic. Go and visit it!

Oh I forgot ,I wish there was a Harry Potter World in there. :(

Love Lots!


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