Visiting Singapore!

Hello there beautiful people! Earlier this year, February 4 to be more exact, we went to Singapore. And all I can say about it that it was the most tiring thing ever. But it was all worth it because we went to see the beautiful landmarks in there and we experienced  the flurry within Singapore.

Our distance between Singapore is quite actually near compare to other countries. It only took us three hours to get there. So it means that we have the same time-zone and climate. And that was somehow the fact that I don't feel oddly missing home when I was in Singapore. It was just like, I visited another part of our country that I haven't been to yet but with different people, language and culture. That things somehow delighted me because I got a chance to see the world outside.

We spent four days in Singapore, the first two days was dedicated to the city of Singapore, the third day was wholesomely dedicated to Universal Studio and the last day was the time we went home. On  the first day, we went to this night themed safari and it was so amazing. Mainly because you can experience the safari at night, which was somehow frightening in my opinion. Some animals were walking freely around the trail that we were going through but it's totally safe because those animals were tamed. The second day was more of like a city tour, in which we rode this small boat that cruised around the Singapore River. While cruising we saw the Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands (the building that looks like it has a ship on top of it), Merlion, and many many more. And the funny thing was, we didn't got a chance to take a picture near the Merlion. Which was somehow funny because it's the icon of Singapore and that's where every tourist go whenever they go to Singapore. But that's fine, at least I saw it but not that near. That day as well, we went to China Town and it was the day before Chinese New Year so we saw the hype around the place and it was pretty fascinating. And on the third day we went to the Universal Studios and I plan on having a separate blog post on it, so stay tune!

And as much as I don't want to say this, I pretty much enjoyed the rides (the airplane,train and cable car rides) more than the landmarks. Does that makes me a bad person? Although the trips were quite tiring, specially the train rides though. Because wherever we go to a different place we need to take the train. But the little fun thing that I do enjoy about it, was seeing the people walking so fast and insanely caught up. It was just like seeing the real Singapore but not the usual way like going to places but actually experiencing the life within it.

I did enjoy Singapore, from the spectacular architecture of the buildings to the people and culture in it. And I do hope to come back again and I want to see the Merlion face-to-face,hahahahahaha.

Love Lots!