Hello There!

             Hello there beautiful people! And welcome to my new blog! I'm so very excited that I am finally writing again because I literally miss sharing my thoughts and stuffs about my life. And I actually feel bad for not saying anything that I will have to leave blogging for a while due to some reasons. But the important thing right now is that I'm here,breathing, and talking to you, well actually you're reading this so I'm not talking. But anyways welcome!

            I am quite actually glad that it's already our vacation right now because it means that I can have more time doing whatever I want with nothing to worry about. I can have a more positive perception within me because every time that I would wake up there's nothing that is unsettling me. Unlike whenever I have school, there is something to worry about every single day. And by that, I am more inspired to do greater things and do lots of things that I want to. Like blogging, I still want to pursue blogging mainly because it makes me happy that I can somehow share a part of me to the world. Even though there's really nothing much to share,hahahaha, but you know, I love doing it so I'm gonna do it.

            And as you can notice my blog actually have a new design and I can proudly say that I've worked hard to do it. But of course with the help of the design studio XOMISSE because without their free tutorials on making your own blog, you wouldn't see any of this on my blog. Thank you very much XOMISSE for sharing those wonderful tutorials, they are so helpful and easy to follow.

Love Lots!