My Valentines Day Essential

Hello there beautiful people! So it's that time of that year again where love is celebrated and everything seems to be lovely. But as we all know Valentine's Day are for couples only but actually it's not, it's for everyone actually. So go with me on my little Valentine's Day party with myself!

Anna and the French Kiss

First off the list is the one and only Anna and the French Kiss, and I've actually got this book last December but I haven't read it yet because I first read the other books that I've got on that same month. And some of you may know that I'm not really a fan of romantic stories, so I think I'm gonna have some hard time reading this. But anyways, couldn't care much the less, I'm still gonna read this because my friends say that this book is quirky and lovely, so wish me luck.


Second, are chocolates!, Valentines Day wouldn't be complete without chocolates, scratch that, life wouldn't be complete without chocolates. My favorite chocolate is the Nestle Aero and the Cadbury Bubbles although both of them taste the same. And I love it when I'm going to melt them inside my mouth, they're just pure happiness. They are just the best! I do really love chocolates and chocolates are life, and I nothing else to say to them. 

Red Dress
Third, is this red dress that I've got from H&M,  and who says that you can't wear a pretty dress on Valentines's Day because you aren't in a relationship? Well they're wrong because Valentine's is the of love,and it's not just about the couples but rather than it's about yourself as well. It's about appreciating yourself as well and loving it because no one would love yourself more than you. 

I hope you enjoy my very short blog post for Valentine's Day and see you soon because I will be posting a lot (well not that many) this month. So stay tune! 

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love Lots!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!! The red dress is essential and you just can't exclude chocolate, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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