12 Months, 52 Weeks & 366 Days

Hello there beautiful people!, and Happy New Year, I know it's seems kinda' late but who cares, hahahaha.2015 was just like yesterday and now it's already 2016, time flies so fast. Last year wast just like all so blurry for me because of all the things that happened so quickly. And I wish that this year wouldn't be like that instead I want to perceive every moment and appreciate it.  

Last January one, my family and I was invited by my dads' friend on a ranch, I don't know if it's really called a ranch but it's a secluded place where no one seems to live out there. I mean the signal out there was terrible, and I think there is  only a specific spot where you can get a decent signal strength.  And the electricity is fluctuating, lastly there's no internet. And it was actually the longest day that I've never touched the internet and just read a book through out the day. It was just so peaceful, specially for me who grew up in a city and not used to quiet places, where everything seems to be so calm. That place was just like a safe haven.

We didn't actually light any fireworks because those are banned in there, so we just had a nice quite New Year's Eve dinner which was somehow not we usually do. Because last year and just like any other year, we usually light sparklers and fountain lights.

It was somehow a new experience for me and I hope that this year I will have more new experiences. I'm so excited for 2016 and I hope that this will be a great year for me, well not just for me but for all of us. 

Happy New Year Everyone!
Love Lots


  1. Woow, such a cute little post. I am in love with your blog! it looks very pretty and I adore your short posts and your pictures!! I love it Love it.

    Izabele || http://beatriceizabele.blogspot.co.uk/


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