Christmas Essentials

Hello there beautiful people!, one day to go and it's gonna be Christmas! I actually feel very anxious but I don't know why. But anyways here are the things that had been keeping me alive through out this month.

Unmatched shirt and pajama are the best and weird!

First off, is a hot chocolate drink, this drink is literally the best. I have been drinking this chocolate drink which is Swiss Miss, specifically the dark chocolate one. Although the Marshmallow one is quite delicious as well but the dark chocolate one is more rich in flavor and not that strong. Which is a total holy grail.

Second, of course, is a book, a winter book to be more specific. I myself don't somehow appreciate Christmas books but I do love books that sets in the winter. And this book I think is the perfect one although I haven't finished this book yet. So yeah, cross-finger for this one.

And lastly, is a camera, because from the start of the month I've been filming and taking  photos. And I'm quite excited to edit it out and maybe develop some of it.

If you can see there's a notebook there, the notebook was given to me by my friend. I'm actually planning to make it as a scrapbook for the next year. This is where I can freely put any photos of a certain memory and scribble in my thoughts. And to fill out all of the pages, I will a lot one page or two for each week of the year. So yeah, I'm pretty much excited for next year, cross-finger as well if I can do this weekly.

Love Lots!
And Merry Christmas!


  1. These are my essentials as well! Especially, my camera and hot chocolate. Hope you have a very merry Christmas! Xx

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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