4 Things I Heart This October

Hello there beautiful people! and it's been a while since the last time I said that. But anyways, here I am today showing you my October favorites and I don't have anything much in here. Mainly because October was such a busy month for me because there's the finals, projects and lots of school works.

The Fault In Our Stars

I think it's quite embarrassing for me to favorite this because I think everyone had already read this and me, myself, just read this after millions of years. But I actually broke the read-it-before-watching-it code because they say that the book is more greater(which is always) than the movie, so why not read it? Although I don't really like reading nor watching anything that is related to romance simply because I find those things cliche and unrealistic. But The Fault in our Stars didn't let me down, it is simply a heart-tugging book that will make you realize more things about life in general. So if you want to cry for nights, read this book because it is simply great!.


I've never really liked flowers that much when I was a child and now I learned how to appreciate them. I simply adore them and every time that we will go out of the house we would buy some and put it on a vase. And I actually bought a seed from the grocery and I haven't planted it yet mainly because I'm scared  that it would die due to the weather condition and stuffs.But I'm very excited to plant it when the weather is already fine and I'm mostly excited that I can see them grow.

Lux Body Wash

I have this thing with body washes that gets me excited although I don't really use body washes that frequently and it's kinda weird. I like it because the feeling of it is really relaxing and the smell of it will literally stick in to you for hours. And that's why I like this one when every-time I'm going to take a bath.

S.O.S Solution

First of all, I don't really know what does S.O.S stands for and secondly, this thing is just absolutely the best. I myself don't really have that good skin and it's quite hard to maintain your skin that good. But this thing actually helps my skin to lessen the growth of acne by simply applying it on the area for several days or until the acne fades away. And I've been using this thing for a couple of months now and it's really great.

Love Lots!


  1. Hi there! What a lovely list you have here. I'm glad you liked TFIOS, and even though you might be a tad late on the boat.. better late than never, right! X


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