Will It and It Will

Hello there beautiful people!, and I'm posting a motivational post and it's no even Monday. I'm so busy right now even though a new quarter just started but everything seems to be a landslide right now and this is the only time that I got to have to to do something from my liking.

School just started again this week and I myself don't really much like school but I do love when I'm achieving something or much more like setting a goal. But of course before achieving it, I need to make a plan or much more like a guide. And I think the one thing that keeps me hanging from my plan is having an optimistic attitude mainly because even though you don't have a plan on something and you have this certain attitude in your mind then you're gonna get it. Because if you really want that thing sometimes you'll just have to think positive about it you it will. Just think positive and just keep swimming, as Dory from Finding Nemo said. 

P.S. I can't see the quote though, sorry....

Love Lots!