Wonder Years | Dolls

Hello there beautiful people so recently I've been cleaning my room and saw my dolls and I've come to think again about them. And all I can say is they are my life.
My childhood is mainly consists of dolls, dolls, and more dolls and that simply is the thing that symbolizes my childhood. So, you can imagine me the most girliest girl ever in the group, everytime I go around I had this certain doll clinging on my arms. I have all this kinds of dolls, from Barbie to Bratz and EVERY single one of it I take care of it. I change their clothes and sometimes I even make clothes for them.But I never ever (I mean never) brush my doll's hair mainly because the hair is gonna be ruined, the hair will be messy and I don't like a single bit of it. And it's gonna ruin their whole appearance,`so you can imagine that all of my dolls are just like brand new. And the funny thing about my collection is that I don't have any Ken doll, or any boy doll, so all of them are simply girls. So yeah, my life just like simply revolve on dolls, it's just me and my doll. I literally get affected if something happened to them, it's just all about them.