Flowers, Ice Creams & Paint

Hello there beautiful people, I know and I'm sorry for not posting for ages and I feel so sad and unmotivated about it. Because for the past few days or more likely like weeks, I've been very very busy with all the stuffs that I had been doing. And this is the only day that I got this me-time and I said to myself, "hey, it's your free time and why not do something productive" although I've been doing so many productive stuffs lately but this one is my most favorite thing to do.

This week was one hell of a week but my weekend is mainly consist of flowers, ice creams and paint.  It's so perfect. The weekend is so wonderful, and I get to do lot's of things and one of them is painting. And I also ate some ice cream even though that I don't really like ice cream that much but who can't say no to an ice cream specially when you're having a very busy day. Ice cream is the answer for all your problems, just eat it.

Love Lots