Be Who You Are, Everyone Else Is Taken

Hello there beautiful people, so recently I stopped posting a motivational quote every Monday and now it's back!. I'm very sorry for not posting for ages, again but I'm here right now (happy dance).

The quote simply tells us that we need to be ourselves because everyone else is taken, the quote is somehow logical., don't you think?. It said that in life you don't need to be like someone else instead just be yourself. You don't need to say, "ooh, I want to be like her", "I want to have a life like hers". I myself have a hard time being myself as well because I'm afraid that they would judge me, from being myself. But the reality is that if you are you, the real you, people will like you more because they're liking who you really are, not the one that you're not, not the one you want to be. The thing is, by just doing simple acts of doing what you really want, you are already you. Be you because no one else is going to be you, simple as that.


  1. Amazing quote, v simple but so lovely :)
    Hannah Rose

  2. powerful quote,,,, and it is so applicable these days because a lot of people want to be like other people, which to me is crazy. Be you because that is the best person you will ever be, i love your header btw,, it is so edgy

  3. First of all, your blog is absolutely stunning!! I wish mine looked like yours! That quote is so inspiring omg, gives me ultimate self confidence!

    Lots of love,
    Marshmallow Skye

  4. Definitely one of my favourite quotes and it's something I try and remind myself every day! x


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