5 Things I Heart this July


The book Everyday by David Levithan had always been on my wishlist due to the fact that many of my classmates and friends are recommending it to me. I got curious about it and been wanting to buy this book for ages but I somehow tend to buy other books. Specifically because when I'm strolling around the book shop I don't somehow see it on the shelves instead I see the new releases and buy the ones that are out on the shelf. And then out of the blue I requested it to my dad but I thought that he's not really gonna buy me but instead he actually bought me, and it's the most happiest day of my life. But right now I haven't finished it yet and I keep turning and turning on the pages.

Suave Juicy Green Apple

This shampoo I think is the longest shampoo that I've ever used simply because it's so great. And it also keeps my hair from being dry because my hair is sometimes dry but this thing keeps my hair not dry.


I've posted this product months ago but it's still my favorite and I keep using it right now. I really don't try out some other moisturizers except for this one. But maybe in the future I'll try some other products but right now I'm sticking to Nivea.

Natural Valley Trail Mix

I've literally like snacks that aren't messy to eat yet healthy just like this granola bar. I've also posted this kind of product months ago but with a different flavor and right now I'm loving this one which is a trail mix. This actually have different kinds of things on it but I don't like the raisins on it. But all in all it tastes wonderful.


July for me was one of the most busiest month and when I got a free time and got bored, I simply do nothing. But one time I somehow thought of painting because I haven't painted for ages and maybe it's time to stretch out my hands to paint and draw as well. And it sometimes it turned out to be a disaster but it was fun and messy to waste time.

Love Lots


  1. Oh gosh the green apple shampoo sounds like you had smell so fantastic! :]

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  2. Great list! The apple shampoo sounds interesting. Does it smell nice too?

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

  3. Ahh love this so much!! And the little polka dots you added to the picture just makes it that much more gorgeous. Your blog design is simply *beautiful* as well. :)

    xx Acacia

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