5 Things I Heart this August

Hello there beautiful people!, August has come to an end again and surprisingly September is just around the corner, and it means Christmas is gonna be nearly there!. And this month I've been eating a lot, I mean really lot, trying a lot of different foods and all but I just picked out a few of my favorites, so yeah my month is actually consists of foods.

Inside Out

Last Saturday my family and I watched a new Pixar film, Inside Out and I've been waiting for the movie to be release for ages. I mean, the trailer itself is so interesting that you want to watch the movie. I watched it and it's great but I think not all of the kids will appreciate it because the movie has a much more deeper story behind it. It's actually perfect for teens, I think because the movie focuses on how we must control our emotions on different situations and how we will cope with it.


I am actually been reading this book for some quite a time now mainly because it's super thick (875 pages) and I'm not really that used on reading this kind of books. But the book is great you wouldn't have thought that you're already half way through it because it's so good and you wouldn't actually care about the thickness of it because there's no dull moment on the book. The story is actually set on the 1800 I think and it's about a woman named Claire and she's going back home to see his husband and one day when they're having a hike Claire have been brought back hundred of years ago and he met this young man. Although if you're gonna read this you might want to familiarize your self with Scottish slangs because you're gonna encounter some of it in this book.


I've just started using this product maybe last two weeks ago and it's quite good actually. It helps my skin to be not oily and not dry at all. But if you constantly put this thing on your face everyday it may actually dry up your skin and it's not good so maybe put it every other day,like I use to do. It's a good facial wash to cleanse your face.

Strawberry Filled Oreos

Oreo is one of my favorite biscuits ever but I don't like strawberries. As much as other people say that strawberry is delicious well for me it isn't, I just don't literally like the taste of it, the texture of it, and then there's one time I dipped it into the chocolate and it's nothing. In general I hate strawberry, I don't like or love it. But Oreo actually made me love it, I mean I've never really appreciated strawberries on my life but magic happens. So I like strawberries as a filling but I will never ever like it as a fruit or any forms of it, period.

Apple & Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

This is one of my most favorite cookies and for the fact that it's healthy is a bonus. Healthy or not healthy I still love apple and cinnamon. And the Honey and Banana and Chocolate Chips is also delish and there are also other flavors that I haven't tried it yet.

Loacker Quadratini Chocolate

Loacker has always been the most delicious wafer biscuit I have ever tasted mainly because it's not like any other wafers because Loacker actually have this very pure chocolate on it. I mean, when you bite it, the first thing you'll ever taste is the  bursting of chocolate on your mouth and later on you'll feel the crunchiness of the wafer., and it's not that sweet even though it's full of chocolates.

P.S. Try the color red one which is the napolitaner, which also tastes holy.

Love Lots!