So for the past few days it's been raining, really hard. I'm just totally stuck at home doing nothing because who doesn't want to just sleep and enjoy the cold air specially it's supposed to be summer. Now let me rephrase that, I do love summer but it's some how too hot and want to feel that chilly air and humidity. And it's somehow quite tempting to stay all day at your room with your sweater on.

Anyways the storm had just passed and it's already sunny and everything came back to normal which kinda sucks. I do really quite love the rainy weather right now, it's kinda refreshing and cozy. Because I can wear sweaters, drink hot chocolates and I don't know, maybe eat butterscotch, it's so delish. I actually did so many unproductive things this past three days like watching television, watching you-tubers, sleeping and many many more unproductive stuffs. I actually watched random T.V series like Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Great Continental Railway Journey which is so fantastic and Cake Boss. I don't usually watch the television because I usually don't have the time to keep up with it every single week. But if I'm going to watch a series maybe I'll download the whole season and then watch it in a day or two but I am more of a movie girl than a T.V series girl. 

I also re-read some books because I haven't got some time to go to a book store to stroll around for some books. One of the books that I've read was Beautiful Darkness which is the sequel of Beautiful Creatures. The book is actually great, it's a  dark fantasy-romance although I don't really like dark fantasy, it's quite good specially if already watched or read the first book, it's totally amazing. 

And I think that's the only things that I did last three days. I mean some days you just want to stay all day at your bed what ever you want because of the cold weather and t's literally that best thing to do in the whole wide world. To sum it up: bed, television, food, books and sweaters are the best. 


  1. i feel like a have a love-hate relationship with rain too! I love staying in and reading just like you, but at the same time I love being productive and when it rains I feel like I can't really do that! xx


  2. Lovely pictures. I (mostly) hate rainy days but when I don't have anything planned, they're a great excuse to stay inside ^^ X


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