Birthday Cards & Letters

I don't somehow get what life is really is because one day you're happy and then one day you're sad. Our life is actually like a roller-coaster it has this ups and downs but it is up to us if we want to scream or just simply enjoy the ride. Life's a roller-coaster and one way to feel the ride of it is to enjoy every single moment of it. Don't be nervous about it or else you'll just throw it up or be sick and you don't want to be sick so just enjoy the ride. 

One of the things that I do when I'm sad or even when I'm not sad is reading cards or letters. I do really love reading every single one of it, it's because you know that the one who made that letter puts his or her time and effort on it. Not just because of the time and effort but the message of the letter on it. And to be more precise not everyone have the casualty to make a card or letter because mostly of them usually send it through e-mail. Cards and Letters do really have a sentimental value for me.

Anyways, my best-friend Jhoie gave me a lot of birthday letters and cards, I literally mean a LOT. Last February 21, 2015 was my 15th birthday and unfortunately it's our school dance as well, so all in all it's a one hell of a big mess for me. Because I don't really like celebrating my birthday publicly I like it were I have my family and close friends with me. Anyways, the story goes out like this, Jhoie actually asked all of my friends to make me letters and cards for me three days before my birthday secretly. But unfortunately she didn't succeeded on keeping it as a secret because I could see her roaming around school giving out pink papers to my friends to let them write their messages for me. Eventually I figured it out that she's giving out the pink papers for my birthday but as a good friend of her and I don't want to be rude to her and say to her that I know what she was doing, so yeah I didn't do it, I just let her do her thing. The day had come and it's our school dance, the program has started and when we were about to eat she and my friends went to my table (we were assigned on different tables) and gave to me this bunch of letters. The pink letters/banner that spells Happy Birthday and my whole name, so every corresponding letter that spells the word Happy Birthday has a message at the back of it. I didn't really know how to react to my best-friend because first of all, I already know the surprise so it wasn't a surprise anymore, secondly, I feel so blessed that I have a best-friend who will do so much effort just for me. I just literally love my best-friend, she's the best. I just don't literally know how to thank her. 

Love Lots!


  1. Life is indeed a roller coaster and I love how you wrote that part, you described it so perfectly! Your best friend sounds amazing, that is what friends are for! <3

  2. Reading old cards really does make me happy too! I haven't done it in a while though, thanks for the reminder! Life really is a roller coaster.


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