You've Got a Friend in Me

This is simply perfect for a friend, I mean friends are everything, they're always there for you no matter what. Friends bring out the things that are inside of you. They can let you be yourself and accept who you really are. I myself really don't have many friends simply because only a few are true and that's what you want to have, a true friend. They're simply one of the best thing you can have in our lives and we must always take care of them because only a few are real and true friends.

My best friend and I are two opposite people who you wouldn't imagine that we're friends. We're simply the opposite our personalities, our taste, our lives are totally different. And I myself ask myself why are we friends?. Well, I don't really know what's the answer as well but one thing's for sure where really meant to be friends. Although we're opposite that doesn't mean we can't be friends because friendship isn't sometimes based on the things you both like but rather based on both of you if you want to be friends with each other. Because no matter how both of you are unlike both of you will always make a way to be together because that's friendship.

Love Lots!