Some things in life are out of control. You can make it a party or a tragedy

Hello there, so right now I'm having this dilemma in my life right now and it's bugging my mind out. I don't want this thing to happen in my life but I just have to face it because it's life. And I think this quote clearly describe my problem right now.

In life there are things that we can and can't control in our hands but it's up to us in the end if you want to take it as a positive or negative thing and that is the only thing that we can change. It's up to us if want to make that thing a good thing or a bad thing in our life. Whether there are bullies or people who criticize you, we may somehow turn the things they throw to us in a positive way. Turn the negative things into a stepping stone to greatness instead of being negative in life. 

So in the end we shouldn't blame our miserable life on the people who makes our life miserable. Because it's up to us if we want to stand up for ourselves and make our life a better one. In the end it's gonna be always our fault if we're having a miserable life. So make your life a good and positive one because you deserve it.

Love lots!


  1. I agree, we can't control what happens to us but we can control the way we react & feel about it. Life isn't perfect but those hard moments are the one's that get the best version of us at a point with a stronger person. I hope everything gets better for you.

    Mafer, Concientizando x


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