If You Want to Make Something For Yourself, Work Harder Than Everybody Else

Happy Monday Everyone! and it's the first day of June as well, how exciting.
This quote instantly hits me. Because first of all not all people have that perseverance when they want to achieve something, only a few. But I believe that if you really really really want that thing you'll work for it. 

Like my experience last, because when it's my birthday I'll buy something for myself  and when I mean I'm gonna buy something, it means that that thing that I'm going to buy is from hard work. I keep this thing (or more like a practice?) every year before my birthday or at the start of the school year that I'm going to save money for the thing that I want to have. Because my parents thought me that if you want to have something you must earn it and work hard on it. My dad once said to me that when you achieve that thing you want , it will feel great because you know that you worked hard for it. And that is the same thing that I actually felt  (only greater) when I got it because when you got it, it actually feels great because you put all your time and effort to have that thing in your hands and thought to yourself that it's all worth it. 
Everything you worked hard for are all gonna worth it.

Happy Monday!
Love Lots, xoxo


  1. I think that's definitely one thing that we all learn in life is that nothing comes to you if you sit and wait for it. You have to work for it and earn it. I remember I used to sit around wondering why things aren't happening and it was because I wasn't doing anything about it until now :) http://www.coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.co.uk/


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