Breakfast & Exercise

        Basically it's summer time and it only means two things, waking up late and not having exercise. I myself isn't a fan of exercising rather I'm a fan of waking up early. Those two things are the main things that we humans somehow don't do. I know some people don't really like waking up early and some people don't like exercise. It's somehow weird that we humans don't do the things that is for the greater good of ourselves. But what is really the thing that stops us from doing this things?. So this summer, I dare myself to exercise daily or thrice a week and eating healthy breakfast because I've been already waking up early.

          Lately I've been experimenting around for some delicious yet healthy breakfasts because I want to start my day healthy as much as possible. Who doesn't want start there day right, right?. For the past few years I eat all the same stuffs during breakfast but right now I want something new. So I begun searching for alternative breakfasts that are fast to make and healthy. I found so many delicious ones but I just want to start from the simplest and this oatmeal and bananas are the best.

         Exercise isn't really my forte at all, I do not like a single bit of it. But I do like running specifically running outside but sometimes I just don't really have the time to go outside so instead I just use the treadmill. Every five p.m I go to the treadmill and run for like a half an hour or just when I reach my goal. Running really helps me unwind my thoughts and think more about my life and everything else. It just simply relaxes me. 

                                                                                  Love Lots!


  1. That breakfast looks soo delicious! Lovely post!


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