Unplug & Be at Peace

So I got inspired by Ella's (http://www.weneedtolivemore.com/uncategorized/finding-peace/) post about finding peace because for the past few days I've been doing the same stuffs all over again by the help of gadgets. It seems kinda tiring though specially in the eyes. I just want to unplug from the crazy world of internet and appreciate the things that are around me. It may seem so hard to do but actually when you're in the mood it would really kick you in.

Music is like everything, it sets you to mood even if you're not in the mood. So go around and play some music, not using your phone hence using musical instruments. But if you don't know how to play any musical instruments then just go find a room or a place were there isn't much noise.

A diary, so some of us may have or may haven't have a diary because firstly some of us can't somehow maintain writing everyday on it (like me), secondly, it's not like everyday our days are worth writing for, right?. But a diary really doesn't need to be written on it every single day hence we can just write the memories that we want to remember for the rest of our lives. And at some point in our lives we can go back to this things and remember those days. I don't really know but I think writing on a diary can make me somehow calm because I can relieve the memories (too emotional, hahahaha). It's a great thing as well than scrolling through your timeline in Facebook.

A hobby, so now a days teenagers like me mostly doesn't have a hobby anymore due to social medias. Me myself have some hobbies but I don't really do them a lot just occasionally. But I dare myself to nurture(?) this hobbies of mine because I just don't want to do the same old stuffs that I've been doing for the past few weeks or even months. And it's kinda tiring.

Read a book
Reading a book is my number one answer for those people who wants to find tranquility. Because I believe that by reading a book it would take you to a different world that is somehow different to a world that you're living in. So read a book.

Drink Tea
Tea as well sets the mood to peacefulness. Can you smell already the aroma of it?. Gosh it's superb great. I like to drink my tea with milk on it but I'll never put any honey on it, I just don't like it because it's just to sweet. I usually drink tea at night when my dad and I are watching some movies. It just relaxes my body before I go to sleep and it gives you a great feeling before you go to sleep.

Love lots, xoxo