Things I heart this May

May has come to it's end, it seems that yesterday May had just begun. Well,  all things must simply come to an end and it's the cycle of life. But that doesn't mean that we need to forget this stuffs. But anyways May has been really chill out for me, we mostly go outdoors and dive in to the pool. I didn't go much around much on buying stuffs this month because of the happenings this month. Mostly of the stuffs that I really love this month are most likely related on the things that I often do.

Whole Hearted Long Sleeve Roxy Rash Guard

So basically this thing is a life saver for me and to all  the young girls who doesn't want to be their skins exposed,like me. This thing is quite really light when you wear it and when you get out of the water it wouldn't feel really heavy in your body and I think that's why I like it. 
I don't really loathe bikinis or anything as a matter of fact I wore one of those years ago. 

Where She Went

I haven't finish this one (28 pages to go) but I know it's gonna be very beautiful due to the fact that the book and movie itself are very successful. This book is actually a very intense one, so if you had already watched or read the book before this, which is If I Stay, I think this one is more intense than the first one. I myself isn't really a big fan of  romance specifically the intense one because life is already full of drama and I don't want to have more drama in my life. But this book, you really want to read on because you want to know what's gonna happen next on Adam and Mia's relationship and how will they face their unsolved relationship. 

White Rain Sensations

I've been using this shampoo for a month now and by the look of it the bottle is nearly empty. I myself don't really use to much product on my hair mostly I use stuffs that are more kinda natural, not too much chemicals and stuffs.  And this is the perfect shampoo for me right now because for the past few weeks we've been swimming around and the smell of it is totally great!. 


  1. Love the golden touch to your blog! X!

  2. I've heard about the book before, but never read it myself. Maybe I will sometime :-)

  3. Long Sleeve Roxy Rash Guard looks really pretty they look so warm I really want one. I like the way you say heart it instead on love


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