My Morning Dilemma

Most people right now have the dilemma of waking up early in the morning but me I don't really have the problem of waking up early. Simply because I hate waking up late because I feel that I wasted my day by not feeling the morning breeze or eating breakfast.You wouldn't be able to eat breakfast because it's already late and it's time for lunch. And you wouldn't be able to feel the morning breeze or even smell coffee (which smells great every morning). The feeling of waking up early is very different than waking up late. I myself wake up mostly at eight o'clock in the morning (is that early?) and I somehow quite enjoy it because I have this free time for myself before the day starts or before everyone starts their day. You know that feeling that you know that you started your day right by waking up early and through out the day you'll have this positive vibes around you. And I think that's the perks of waking up early.

But that's not my dilemma, my dilemma is eating early in the morning or in my own terms being full or feeling heavy at the start of the day. First of all I've never been  that picky on what food am I going to eat but when it is breakfast time I may somehow be picky. My mom somehow always wants us to be full when it's breakfast time just like any mom wants to but me I don't want to be full when it's breakfast time. Because first of all I'll feel that I'm gonna explode due to the fact that I've ate so much and I'll feel heavy. Secondly, I'm quite lazy to chew at that certain of time because I just woke up and I feel groggy. But I just have the perfect remedy for my situation who is somehow lazy to eat in the morning. 

Cereals and Oatmeal are my two favorite things to eat at breakfast. Mainly because the preparation time is fast and easy. And it's easy to eat it as well and you wouldn't feel that full but still have enough energy to function for the day. They're just life savers for the people who don't want be full every morning and for the people who is in a hurry every morning. Thank God for Cereals and Oatmeal.

I just don't know if I'm the only one who experience this thing right now so that's why I got the urge post it. And I'm very sorry for not posting for the past few days most likely a week because I somehow had this vacation with my cousins, so yeah, I feel so bad but anyways here I am talking about my problem (hahahahaha).

Love lots!


  1. I also have to wake up early or I feel like I wasted the day!


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