Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past

I saw this quote a day ago while scrolling on Pinterest and come to think that I want to post it on my blog, so here am I right now.

This quote is quite somehow true if I may say (scientifically and emotionally). Mainly because if you don't exhale the past you will die, it's just like if you don't breathe out you'll die. If you hold on to it, it would suddenly eat you and the next thing you know you're already dead. So don't hold your past hence exhale it, exhale it until you none of it is inside of you. And inhale the future and when you inhale it the past will go away and the future lies ahead on you. Breathe in your future and breathe out your past because that's the cycle of why we humans still live. That is the cycle of life we need to put out our excess baggage so that there would be space for new things. New things that will fill in the gap of our past. So all you have to do is breathe it out and breathe in great things. Happy Monday Everybody!.

Love lots!