Who would you rather love?, the one you love or the one who loves you?

This question was lingering through my mind for hours and I am now currently in the state of being mad. Well not mad as in mad, mad as in you don't know what to answer in this question. For others it's easy for them to answer it but for me it's not.
Who would you rather love?, the one you love or the one who loves you?.
Just a little reminder I haven't been in love this is just my point of view based on what I see in the reality.  
If I choose the first one, it would quite be unfair for me because I'm the only one who is giving. Hence, he can somehow learn to love you back. But what if he doesn't really know how to love you no matter how hard he tries. Because in this world of ours not everything we please will be ours. The world isn't in our hands.
Yet if I choose the second one, I would just quite somehow feel to be obligated to love him back because he loves me. It's like I'm the one on the first choice to be oblige to love back. Hence I could learn to love him back as well. And what if I also try so hard to love him back nothing works because I somehow love somebody else.
For me the two choices are somehow the same. The only challenge in here is you're just gonna pick in what situation you wanted to be in. The one who would give or the one who would receive.
But in love you're not only oblige to give nor to receive you're oblige to do both. To give and to accept. A good relationship doesn't go well if only one would give and the other  would just receive. Hence it takes both of it to have a good relationship.
So my answer to this question is none of them.
I may somehow sound bitter but I'm just speaking on what's on my heart and mind. And that is, not believing that everything would go into your plans. Because in life, not everything we seek could be seen.


  1. Wow, after reading this post, the question was stuck in my head.
    And you are right it's not easy to answer.
    However, no matter how hard this is I would probably tend to love the one I love, only because I know me. I know I would'nt be able to combat with my feelings. Still I believe that people are able to learn to love someone which would be a supportive argument for both of the cases.

    Anyways, I will probably spend the day contemplating about this question, haha ;) xx

    much love,


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