It's Sometimes Okay to be not Okay

Hello there!, today is MONDAY! and everybody hates Monday but let's not talk about our hatred on Mondays. Because today I'm gonna motivate you (?) instead of me blabbering about my hatred on Monday. I actually got this idea from +Sprinkleofglitter were she posts motivational things in her blog and I've been reading a few of them and I got inspired on posting one as well on my blog.

It's sometimes okay not to be okay. Because in our lives happiness isn't just the only emotion we have. Hence, we have different emotions and each of them are meant to be felt. Sadness, Anger, Hope, Excitement and many many more. So that's why its okay for us to feel that things cause it is in ours and don't let anyone take it from you cause it is intended for us to feel it. To endure every single one of it because without it we wouldn't be okay at all. Imagine a life without emotions, it's dull and are you gonna be okay with it?.
Because in life no matter how sad or miserable you are in life you must still find hope no matter how hard the situation is. But always remember that you'll always be alright at the end of the day. 

Hope this motivates you!