7 things I heart this march

Hello there!, How was your day, week or most likely your month?. Well if you're gonna ask me I'll rather say that this month for me is kinda refreshing and unwinding because most of the school works are almost done and now here comes spring break. So yeah I think this month is actually kinda chill month for me, it actually helps me right now to see the path were I'll take over my internet life as well as finding my inner self this month. I just really thought that March was kinda the month for me. And my  second favorite season is coming which is SPRING!. Oh I love spring!. I think for me spring is the season were you can unwind, I think spring gives me a peaceful and happy vibes, I don't really now I just really love this kind of temperature, it's perfect. Well anyways, what's your favorite thing about this month or your favorite thing about spring?

 Thirteen Reasons Why

Well, I think some of you had already read this book and I always saw this book last year and it intrigued me when I'm in the bookstore why is always on the top best-selling novel. So finally I cut the curiosity and bought the book of course before I bought it I read the synopsis and it structs me to really read this book. Because I thought it's a love story yet there is a hint of romance the story but mostly it focuses on Hannah's struggles in her high school life and the people she encountered with. For me I think everyone can somehow relate to Hannah specially to the fact that she's been used and to the point in her life were she don't know what to do. Me, I somehow can relate to Hannah specially when her friends just used her because they know that they can somehow have benefits from her. And the lesson that I've learned from the book was, you must be careful or think before you act on a person because it can freaki'n change someone's life because of the actions you do whether it is small or not or just a joke or not. 

Flower Crown

Spring is coming and everyone need something to be more blooming! and I think the flower crown can surely be the answer for your spring outfits. I don't now why flower become such a trend? but who cares right?. Let's just give thanks to the one who created it.

Round Sun Glasses

The sun is up and we all need protection and a companion through the rays. I bought this sun glasses that looks like John Lennon's glasses in Forever 21. I actually saw it on the mannequins in the front window and I said to myself, Oh I need to have that. It's versatile not only for summer or spring hence for any season.  The sun glasses actually speak for itself.

 Nature Valley Trail Mix

This granola bar is bae. I mean this is a must have in your pantry. That's all I can say. Hands Down. And you must try as well the chocolate one!.

NIVEA Moisturizing Lotion

Dry skin can actually turn myself confidence down and this Nivea Moisturizing lotion can quite really solve my problem. I'e been using this product for almost a year now and well I see now the benefits it can bring to me.

Alba Botanica Acne Dote

Well , if you know, I do have an oily skin and an oily skin can quite be the cause of acne. And the best way to cure an acne is this product. I've been actually using this for almost three months and heck it;s a good remedy for acne. Due to the fact that it has two percent silica.


Well Spotify is my most favorite app second to the instagram machine. I actually love listening to Indie Musics , and I mostly use spotify when I'm working out in the treadmill.