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Exploring Coron in Two Days

Hello there beautiful people! Recently, my family and I went on a holiday to Coron and the place is so breath-taking. It is one of those places that you wouldn't believe that exists and somehow it is just there around you.

The first day was a blood-pumping kind of day specifically because we climbed Mt. Tapyas, that is 2000 feet high and flaunts the island's lush forest and hills. And at first, I thought that it was going to be a stroll in the park kind of climbing but I was wrong. It was an intense climb, considering the height of the hill and the number of steps (720+ steps)  that you will encounter to reach the top of the hill and my body wasn't ready for those steps. But after decades of climbing, I've reached the peak of the hill and I was exhausted but it disappeared when I saw the magnificent view in front me. It was just so beautiful, I could see the small islands, houses, and the bodies of water surrounding the island. Fortunately, after we rested at the top …

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